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Following is a copy of the Policies that each student/parent/guardian must sign and submit before being allowed to participate in class. These policies are in place to protect you and your child, maintain a professional and friendly environment for all of our students, to protect our facility and El Dorado Dance Academy (EDDA). If you have any questions feel free to stop by the front desk.

1. REGISTRATION: Annual registration fee of $50 per family is due at time of registration and is non-refundable. A “dance season” is August through June.
2. PAYMENT: All tuition, along with any past due or unpaid open balances, will be auto-debited from my account on the 1st business day of each month. Credit Card denial will result in e-mail notification. Full amount of tuition must be paid prior to the 10th of the month to avoid an additional $30 Late Fee. A valid credit/debit card must remain on file for continued services.
3. NO REFUNDS: El Dorado Dance Academy does not pro-rate, refund or credit accounts. Please note that no additional charge is made when a fifth lesson occurs within a month, nor is there a reduction in tuition fees when fewer than four lesson are held due to a major holiday or absence. Consistent absences do not constitute tuition fees adjustment or assumed cancellation.
4. PERFORMANCE: It will be assumed that if my child is enrolled at EDDA as of February 1st I will be automatically charged, using the credit card on file, for the Summer Concert Fee ($100) and Costume Fee(s) ($100 per costume) unless I have contacted the EDDA office IN WRITING, prior to January 15th, that my dancer(s) will not be participating in the Summer Concert Recital.  June tuition and all fees must be paid in order to receive costume(s). 
5. WITHDRAWAL: To withdraw from a class, an official withdrawal form must be submitted to the EDDA office manager. Verbal withdrawal with an instructor or classmate is not sufficient for EDDA bookkeepers, and tuition dues will compound should there be a failure to withdraw properly. Withdrawal forms, or written notice, not received before the 15th day of the month prior to discontinuance will result in normal charge of tuition fees for the following month.
6. DRESS CODE: Students must adhere to the EDDA dress codes. Cover dance clothes when coming to and from the studio, as it is a courtesy and for your safety. To preserve the quality of our facility, no street shoes are allowed in the studios, and no dance shoes outside. Any students choosing to wear short shorts or booty shorts (shorter than the tips of fingers at your sides) are required to wear tights. This policy will be enforced. Students will be asked to sit and take notes for the remainder of their class/rehearsal/performance if they do not adhere to EDDA's dress code. 
7. CLASS CANCELLATION / REDUCED DURATION: Classes with fewer than 5 students enrolled may be cancelled.  Classes with attendance by only 1 dancer will be canceled with the dancer permitted to take a makeup class. Classes with attendance by 2 to 4 dancers may be reduced in duration to 30 minutes based on objectives achieved for the day. Make-up classes are allowed in the same technique and level or lower on another day up to three months after the cancelled class (but must be within the current season).  No cross-season make up classes are permitted. No refunds or pro-rated credits will be given for missed classes.
8. LATE PICK UP: Any parent/guardian who does not pick up a student immediately after class will be charged a $1 fine for every

1-minute late after the studio has closed. El Dorado Dance Academy does not assume responsibility for children before or after class. In respect for our neighboring businesses and student safety, students must remain inside studio until picked up by an adult.
9. USE OF PHOTOGRAPHY: EDDA uses photographic and/or video images of its customers for marketing, publicity and advertising purposes. No personally identifiable information will be given out regarding the images. EDDA is authorized for use of those images without pay or compensation.  All representations of the photographic images constitute EDDA’s property, solely and completely.

10. LATE ARRIVAL: For the safety of your dancer(s), students who arrive 15 minutes (or more) late to class will be asked to sit and take notes for the remainder of class that day. This is to protect the dancer from potential injury as they will have missed warm-ups. Taking notes in class is important for your dancer to record, in their own way so they understand, what is being taught in class.

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