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Light Strokes


Welcome to El Dorado Dance Academy! We offer a warm and encouraging studio that is home to Competition Teams, Community Performing Groups, Musical Theater Production groups affectionately called Ovation and Encore, and a Story Ballet Production group. See company details below!

Competition Troupe:

Juniors (ages 8-11)

Teens (ages 12-15)

Seniors (ages 16+)


Community Performing Group:
Juniors (ages 8-11)

Seniors (ages 12+)


Ovation/Encore Musical Theater Production:

Ovation (ages 8-11)

Encore (ages 12+)

Story Ballet Production (SBP):

Mini Corps de Ballet (ages 5-7) - Typically dancing at a Pre-Ballet level

Junior Corps de Ballet (ages 8-11) - Typically dancing at a Ballet I or II level

Senior Corps de Ballet (ages 12-15) - Typically dancing at a Ballet III Level

Advanced Corpse de Ballet (ages 16+) - Typically dancing at a Ballet IV level

*Principal Dancers are cast from within each Corps de Ballet, ages may vary depending on the production.

Kaleidoscope Touring

This is an invited touring group which travels statewide, nationally or internationally each year! From performances in Japan, Hawaii and New York City, to this year's Disney performances, you'll love to giving your dancer an opportunity to learn what it means to be a professional dancer on tour!  Call us to find out more details about this exciting opportunity! (Currently, 2024 plans are for a tour to Europe!)


2023-2024 Competition Team and Performing Group Auditions

Spring Production Auditions

Ovation/Encore Musical Theater Production - Thursday, January 11, 2024 at EDDA South

6pm to 7:30pm

Story Ballet Production - Friday, January 12 at EDDA South

Mini Corps de Ballet Ages 5-7                              5:00pm to 6:00pm

Junior Corps de Ballet Ages 8-11                         6:00pm to 7:00pm                                 

Senior Corps de Ballet/Principals Ages 12+         7:00pm to 8:30pm


Competition Teams - Have been chosen for the 2023-2024 season

Juniors Ages 8-11          
Teens Ages 12-15          
Seniors Ages 16+      

It's a fun and supportive Dance Company experience. El Dorado Dance Academy's aim is always to welcome eager dancers into our competitive and performance opportunities!

Come dance with us!

Competition Teams - Dancers ages 8-18

  • EDDA's resident competitive teams train in multiple techniques and disciplines, and compete throughout the Sacramento region.

  • Commitment: 1 Ballet class/week, 1 Jazz class/week, 1 Contemporary class/week, 1 Musical Theater Dance class/week, 1 Hip-Hop class/week, 1 Acro/Conditioning class/week, and 2 group rehearsals [1 hour each] per week (8 total hours required).


Community Performing Group - Dancers ages 8-18

  • This is our resident performing group at El Dorado Dance Academy North. Serving ages 8-18, and preforms an array of dance styles highlighting our studios passion for dance!

  • Community Performing Group is a traveling dance troupe, performing locally and statewide. This is not a “competitive team”

  • Commitment: 1 hour per week in Jazz and 1 group rehearsal 1 hour per week (2 total hours required)*

  • *Additional technique classes in Ballet and Contemporary are STRONGLY recommended, but not required.


Ovation/Encore Musical Theater Production - Dancer/Singers/Actors ages 8-18

  • Get ready for a standing Ovation and an enthusiastic Encore! El Dorado Dance Academy's Musical Theater Production not only dances, acts, and sings Broadway favorites, but are learning dance, acting, and vocal techniques to prepare them for stardom!

  • Ovation/Encore Musical Theater Production is an acting, singing, and dancing troupe performing locally each semester. Rehearsals will be comprised of both dance choreography as well as singing, vocal technique and show pieces. Must love to act, sing, and dance!  

  • Ovation/Encore Musical Theater Production may not perform entire musical shows, but  vignette style show pieces, or revue of several songs from different shows in one production each semester!

  • Commitment: 1 Tap class/week, 1 Musical Theater Dance class/week, 1 Voice class/week, 1 Acting/Character class/week, and 1 group rehearsal 1.5 hours per week (5.5 total hours required).

  • NEW! Now auditioning for Ovation/Encore (same audition time)!

Story Ballet Production (SBP) - Dancers ages 5-18

  • Story Ballet Production is El Dorado Dance Academy’s introduction to our students of what it is like to be in a professional Ballet Company environment, with all the rigor and expectations that are needed to be successful.

  • SBP Performs one Ballet each semester. The Nutcracker in the Fall/Winter and a Spring Production. Past spring productions have included Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz.

  • Commitment: Corpse de Ballet dancers must take a minimum of 1 Ballet class and 1 group rehearsal 1hour per week (2 total hours required). Advance Corps/Principal dancers must take 1 Ballet class/week [1.5 hrs], 1 Pointe class/week, and 1 group rehearsal 1.5 hours per week (4 total hours required).

NEW TO EL DORADO DANCE ACADEMY?  Did you miss the Company auditions?  


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