2017-2018 Tuition Schedule




One Class per Week

$60 per month

Two Classes per Week

$103 per month

Three Classes per Week

$135 per month

Four Classes per Week

$162 per month

Five Classes per Week

$185 per month

Six Classes per Week

$198 per month

Half-Hour Increments

$25 per class

Additional Classes (over 6)

$25 per month/ per class

Drop-in Single Class Fee

$15 per class

Private Lesson

$75 per hour

Annual Registration Fee


There is an annual Registration Fee per family for each dance season (August to June).

Annual Tuition Discount

A 5% discount is offered to students who pay a full year's tuition upon enrollment in August.

Family Discount

EDDA offers a 10% discount for families with more than one child enrolled in classes. The first child is charged at the regular rate, and the discount applies to additional children.

Dance Discovery

This dance preperatory class is 45 minutes. Registration is available exclusively through EDHCSD.