"I was thrilled to see how much she learned through the year! All the instructors have such a nice way of making it fun but keeping it structured at the same time! A great balance."
-Michelle Torello

"I like the fact that there is always someone at the front desk to help answer questions."
-Sharon Corell

"I think the musical theatre dance class is great! If word gets out about how much the kids enjoy this class, you'll have a waiting list a mile long to get into the class."
-Deborah G. Kiley

"Easy sign up. Very welcoming atmosphere!"
-Erin Ramos

"We love EDDA! The instructors are enthusiastic, patient with kids and are great dancers! We couldnt be happier."
-Donna Goldstein

"Debi is the best I've ever seen. Her knowledge, professionalism, and understanding of dance is passionately shared to benefit all dancers. El Dorado Dance Academy has exceded my expectations. The mission statement is felt by each dancer as it is upheld by the entire staff. Hats off to Debi and her wonderful administrative and instructor team."
-Jennifer Lawrence

"Patience and praise with detail to technique."
-Maureen Evanoff

"I cannot thank her enough for taking the time to talk with us and answer all of our questions. My daughter lived to dance for close to 9 yrs. Her weekly schedule had her in classes over 12 hrs a week and she loved every minute of it. Unforntunatly we had to move very suddenly and in do so she left behind her passion. Now three years later, I believe she is ready to embrase a new opertunity to do what she loves. the problem is, she is harder to convince this to. I told her that we weregoing to visit a studio and look into classes again. Her response was guarded. She believes she will never have the experiances, the friends or the teachers that she had at her former studio.

I know that was her feeling when we walked into your studio, but I am thrilled to say that was not how she felt when we left. Thanks in whole to Sarah, my daughter was giddy and talking a mile a minute about the possibilities. I have not seen her act like that in over three years. I'm eternally greatful. We can't wait for her to begin classes. Thank you for taking the time to read through this email. Please pass my heartfelt thank you to Sarah. I am very excited about my daughter's future with your dance studio."
- Jenna Lute

A mom shared this amazing artical
The Effects of Ballet Classes Schools Don't Tell You

Published on April 28, 2017


159[Victoria Mironova (Evdokimova)]Victoria Mironova (Evdokimova)

Artistic Director, Victoria International Ballet Academy

A parent once asked me,

Why do you spend so much money and time for your daughter’s ballet classes and rehearsals so that she goes on stage once a year?

This is what I answered:

Well , let me tell you a secret. I don’t pay for my daughter to dance on stage once a year. Do you want to know what I’m paying for?

I am paying for my daughter to learn to be disciplined.

I am paying for my daughter to learn to take care of her mind and body.

I am paying for my daughter to learn how to work with others and be a good team member; and to develop her creativity.

I pay so that my daughter learns to face disappointment when she doesn’t get what she expected, and discovers that it is essential that she works harder.

I pay so that my daughter learns to achieve her goals.

I pay so that my daughter understands that it takes hours and hours of hard work and training to obtain results and that success does not come overnight.

I pay for the opportunity that my daughter has to make life lasting friendships.

I pay so that my daughter spends time at rehearsals and not in front of a screen.

I pay for those moments when she comes home so tired that she has no more time to waste.

I pay for all the teachings from this beautiful artistic discipline: responsibility, commitment, self confidence, conviviality, etc.

I could go on, but just to summarize I’ll tell you that I don’t pay for ballet classes, I pay for the opportunities that this discipline offers her to develop skills that will become quite useful all along her life and that will give her an opportunity to treasure life.

(The author: Shad Martin, the source http://shadmartin.blogspot.ca/2015/10/why-i-dont-pay-for-dance-anymore.html)
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