Cecchetti Method Ballet at EDDA!

Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet is now available at El Dorado Dance Academy!

This style of ballet has been developed to educate and prepare dancers from the very first class as a pre-ballet child to the professional level performer who is ready to audition for a professional ballet company. Good ballet training is not the exclusive property of the Cecchetti Method, but what makes this method unique and effective is its leveled syllabus; training with a time-tested curriculum that leads to Cecchetti Exams and Certifications.
Cecchetti Examinations provide goals for students and tangible evidence of achievement.

For more information about the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet now offered at El Dorado Dance Academy and the Cecchetti Counsel of America, please visit:


"A dancer was not considered 'finished' unless he or she passed through Cecchetti's hands." - Tamara Karsavina