Class Descriptions

If you do not see a dance class of a style you'd like to study, please email us and let us know. If interest exists with 5 dancers to form a class, we will offer it!
Class Description

Dance Discovery
(age 2.5+caregiver!)

The use of balls, toys, bubbles and magic wands turns this 45-minute movement lesson into a wonderland for our youngest students of dance learning alongside their parents! Dance Discovery is an innovative way to approach the cultivation of motor skills necessary in technical dance movement, and is a fun way to capture the hearts and minds of beginners to the dance classroom!
Creative Movement
(ages 3-4)
Our most popular class for beginning dancers! Creative Movement is rooted in the conventions of a ballet class structure while allowing for individual creativity, set to children's music. This 45-minute lesson provides the basis for young beginning dancers for further development in the study of dance by introducing bodily coordination, stretch exercises, rhythm and basic terminology. Creative Movement also increases enthusiasm for learning through music, dance and creative dramatic exercises where children will improve self-awareness and build motivation by fostering group participation in the dance classroom.
Baby Ballet
(ages 18 months-2.5+ caregiver!)
Ballet can be fun and whimsical in this engaging, circle-based ballet class, which offers a delightful first experience for the independent little ballerina! Utilizing magic wands, scarves and ballet basics, even the youngest rising star can feel the excitement of ballet learning steps such as a plié, tendu, soutenu and sauté! Dancers will improve agility, coordination and grace, along with building self-esteem, stage presence and the ability to interact with other children in a structured setting.
(ages 5-Adult)
Ballet has centuries of tradition as one of the world's most elegant dance arts where placement of the body, poise and proper alignment are emphasized. All levels, beginning with our youngest Pre-Ballet dancers (age 5) through levels I, II, III, IV and V utilize the appropriate classical terminology and include barre work, adagio, petite allegro, grand allegro and turns. Classes range in level depending on student's ability, and primarily follow the classical Cecchetti method of ballet training, though EDDA instructors are familiar with and will draw from R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) and Vaganova techniques. Pointe (by instructor's permission only) for intermediate and advanced ballet dancers (levels III, IV & V) with proper training and developed muscular capability. Pointe is taken in conjunction with at least two regular ballet technique classes per week, emphasizing strength and grace. Classical repertoire will be offered along with creative works by the resident ballet instructors.
Pre-Teen Jazz
(ages 5-12)
This popular class uses the funky music and energetic movement vocabularies inherent to jazz on a scale appropriate for this age group. With a concentration on body alignment, guided stretch and fun combinations, Pre-Teen Jazz introduces the concept of parallel positioning for the feet and exaggerated isolated movements for strength, showmanship and foundational techniques for the further study of jazz.
(ages 13-Adult)
Drawing from LA, New York and London-based jazz styles, EDDA's Teen and Adult Jazz classes emphasize body line, precision, flexible torso work, isolation, turns and the hottest dance techniques in street and funk! Introduction to locking, popping, and break are interspersed with high kicks, leaps and jumps in a well-balanced classical jazz lesson that dips into other genres. Jazz is segmented into Jazz I, II, III, IV and V, where each level involves steady progression of complexity as the students improve.
(ages 5-Adult)
An American theatrical dance form, Tap is distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns. Students of all ages can brush, flap, shuffle or ball change! to learn the basic principles of rhythm and timing taught in every level of tap. From Pre-Tap (age 5) to our advanced level tap classes, combinations are put to a variety of music styles, showcasing both traditional Broadway Tap with the latest Tap Jam and Stomp techniques.
(ages 8-Adult)
A hybrid of ballet, jazz and modern dance, Contemporary (and Lyrical) is a study in contrats... pairing jagged and fluid, more emotive than jazz, less codified than ballet and pulls movement vocabulary from modern dance. Contemporary enjoys the flows and rhythms of this emergent cross-disciplinary dance technique, and has developed into a beautiful, free-flowing style that is set to slower pop songs and ballads.
(ages 5-Adult)
Hip-Hop will have you jumpin', turnin', spinnin', movin' forwards and backwards! The best of urban dance, Hip-Hop is the latest cultural trend on the dance scene, and EDDA's Hip-Hop offers exposure to street, funk and break as part of this class. Prior dance training is helpful, but not required, therefore a supplemental jazz class is strongly recommended to prevent injury and introduce the traditional connective steps necessary to put routines together.
COMBO: Ballet/Jazz/Tap (ages 4-6) Combo is a popular class that uses both classical and funky kid’s music with energetic movement introducing the fun of ballet and American theatrical dance forms of Tap and Jazz! Get all three for a great price, this class emphasizes enjoyment, showmanship and foundational techniques so that your child can plié, shuffle flap, or kick ball change! their way to stardom!
(ages 2.5-4)
This class offering is a fun introduction to Hip-Hop for youngsters! This unique program is a 45-minute class that teaches children different movement skills and coordination techniques while having a great time! Whether they fly like airplanes, learn rhythms from around the world, or become jungle animals, you can be sure they will use their imagination! Some of the skills studied include gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination along with building self-esteem, stage presence and the ability to interact with other children in a structured setting.
Musical Theatre Dance
(ages 6-9 & 10+)
One of EDDA's favorites, Musical Theatre Dance is a dance-based class that consists of vocal and dramatic exercises within the dance classroom. An historical introduction of Broadway and West End Musicals will augment the minor singing and acting techniques along with the dance steps, drawing from established repertoire in the musical theatre genre, as well as original choreographic works. A supplemental class in ballet, jazz or tap is STRONGLY recommended.
Turns and Technique
(ages 8-12 and 13+)
This class focuses wholly on the technical aspects of dance by cultivating the necessary skill-base to execute stunning leaps, mystifying multiple turns and every dance trick the serious student of dance wants to master! Starting with a Jazz/Lyrical warm up, T&T then progresses to center exercises for alignment and stability in turns and layouts, ultimately leading to across the floor turns and leaps with fun, varied repetitions. Required for competition and company members. T&T does not perform in the annual summer concert.
(ages 8+)
Contemporary is an exquisitely unique (and fun!) exploration of body movement and personal expressivity made popular by the hit show So You Think You Can Dance? This style of dance borrows from a collection of dance movements developed in modern and postmodern dance, as well as an array of still developing philosophies about body/mind interconnectedness.