Our Vision

Integrity in Dance and Life...

The first dance arts facility of its kind in the El Dorado community, EDDA welcomes residents not only in El Dorado Hills, but county wide, providing multi-disciplinary dance training for students of all ages, guiding dancers in every stage of their artistic development, from the very beginning to pre-professional levels. EDDA offers classes for children from 2.5 years old to pre-teens, teens, adults and seniors. EDDA is a welcoming, professional environment with spirited instructors who are experts in their fields.

El Dorado Dance Academy serves as an artistic nexus for the community with resident performing dance companies known as Kaleidoscope Productions, touring within the county as well as state, national and international showings.

Our companies provide opportunities for everyoe! Check out our Dance Comanies information page!

As a member of the El Dorado Arts Council, EDDA aims to provide access for its students to all the arts, and collaborate toward performing opportunities and charity work in the area making dance a gift back to the community. EDDA houses an informal library with texts, magazines and video archives enabling both teachers and students at EDDA to access broader education in the arts/dance related fields.

EDDA's business and artistic positioning of cooperation, rather than competition, helps in the cultivation of a site for education, recreation and fitness within the community and engages the more powerful qualities of artistic productivity, personal advancement and individual self-worth.

Through the teaching of dance, EDDA's mission is to instill Integrity in both Dance and Life.