About the Studio

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As a nexus for the arts in El Dorado county, El Dorado Dance Academy's mission is to instill, through the teaching of dance,


Whether you want to learn the latest dance moves, or the elegance of classical dance forms, El Dorado Dance Academy focuses on proper technique in a fun, encouraging environment. From the 3 year old making their first discoveries in dance, to the seasoned dancer looking to further their education, EDDA students and families have access to:

  • Spacious 3400 square foot dance facility with four studios.
  • Welcoming lobby area with WiFi.
  • Multi-disciplinary dance training for students of all ages. EDDA guides dancers in every stage of their artistic development, from initial discovery to pre-professional levels.
  • A structured, cooperative environment that emphasizes the enjoyment of learning, and excelling as a dancer and person.
  • Professional, spirited instructors who are all experts in their fields.
  • A safe, non-discriminatory environment where students are expected to reach their goals and not engage in self-destructive behaviour or speech.
  • An informal library with texts, magazines and video archives enabling both teachers and students at EDDA to access broader education in the arts/dance and related fields.
  • EDDA's performing dance companies: Kaleidoscope Touring Company, Prism Apprentice Company, and Spectrum Junior Company, touring within the county, as well as state, national and international showings (by audition only).